DVDR-985 Firmware burning help

I, too, purchased a Phillips 985 several years ago, and it never worked properly. The “help” line only managed to delay me long enough for the warranty to expire. I recently purchased a Liteon 5005–for a fraction of the 985’s cost. The first thing I did when I set it up was to upgrade the firmware. That machine didn’t work, so I returned it for an exchange. I decided not to upgrade the firmware on the replacement, and it (so far) does everything it’s supposed to. No coasters yet.

So, before I put the old 985 out on the curb, I thought I’d try to go back to an earlier firmware. I’d been updating in the past, and things seemed to get worse. Currently, it acts like it’s recording, but says “no data” afterwards. That, and everything else it can do except perform. So I figure, what the heck, try an old firmware.

So here’s my problem: I’ve downloaded an older version from the dvdplurrw.org site and unzipped it. The instructions say:

"Create upgrade CD–

  1. In this ZIP-archive, you will find two files: a disc image file with a .BIN extension, and a so-called cue-sheet with a .CUE extension.
  2. Write the disc image to a CD-R or CD-RW using an appropriate CD writing application, preferably one that can interpret cue-sheets, such as Ahead Nero Burning Rom (http://www.ahead.de). If the writing tool does not support cue-sheets, make sure to write the disc using these settings: 1 track, mode 2 sectors (2352 bytes per sector)."

I’m lost. They say to write the disc image (the .bin) to the CD. They don’t say to put the cue-sheet (.cue) file on the cd. Do I just burn a disc with the Bin file as an ISO? What about the cue sheet? Just for diversion, I burned an image file of the cue sheet file, and it ended up 14,287kb. From a 1kb original file? What the…?

Anyway, can anyone tell me how to creat a retro-firmware disk? I just thought I’d install old firmware and see if I can get this thing running as well, and poorly, as it did at the beginning (Though I really suspect a bad laser, board, or whatever.) Then I’ll kiss it goodbye.

Shavers to plasmas, I shall never purchase another Phillips product .

The .cue file is just a set of instructions (~1kb) that sets up Nero to burn the CD in the correct format. The easiest way to use it is to have Nero open with a blank CD in the burner tray. Then double-click the .cue file after which Nero will load the BIN file and burn it to CD.

Which older firmware do you want to go back to?

Please note the unit is somewhat limited on media, see the Philips website:

The recorder is not compatible with some 8x speed DVD+R(W).

Sony’s should all work, r/rw all speeds up to 16x.

Thanks. I did manage to burn and load the firmware. I guess the real problem now is the Philips machine itself. I’ve tried installing several firmwares, old and new, and all I get for my efforts is “disk error”, and an empty disk. So far, I haven’t found anything on this forum that will fix that, but I’m open to suggestions.

Correction–The error message I get says "disk warning.’ Same result.

Unfortunately, if this happens with 1-4x +RW discs and “No Disc” with commercial DVDs, then that is a strong indicator that the laser has gone.

I too bought a used Philips DVDR-985/171 recorder. It was playing but not recording. The dedal on the bottom says DVDR985A03. Don’t know which one was right. I contacted Philips for a firmware upgrade now it fails and doesn’t even seem to run the drive. Any ideas to force it to take the upgrade and which would be the correct one?

I also have a Philips 985/171 Model DVDR 985A03. I had no problems until I upgraded the firmware (DVDR985a) and now cannot read any disc - including commercial discs. I suspect the laser has gone out, but would like to try anything possible before I trash it. Please let me know if you hear anything.

Thanks in advance!

This is happening to me I think.

I tried burning a Memorex DVD+RW disk, & I got “Disc Warning” message (in red letters). I tried a 2nd disc…it happened later on in my 3 min recording.

Incredibly, I bought it with an ESP (Extended Service Plan) that expires in Dec 2007. What are the chances the repair will be effective? Won’t the laser just wear out again? I’ve had practically NO USE of the 985 since I bought it in Dec 2002…it just sat around. You mean the laser wore out just by sitting around?

What was the firmware version you started with, and which one did you upgrade to?

is this with ‘1-4x’ speed disc(s), or ‘4x’ only?

They won’t repair it. It isn’t economically viable and they’ll offer you something from their current range instead. If it’s not a Philips Service Plan then you may have a wider choice of manufacturers.

If it’s like the DVDR8x0 series, it isn’t wearing out, strictly speaking. The cement on some assemblies that holds the lens in place shows a tendency to loosen over time and the alignment of the beam changes.

I’m using some old Memorex DVD+RW disks (2002)…it doesn’t even say.

I called the ESP provider & they’re offerring me a credit towards a purchase of an equivalent DVD recorder.

Any suggestions? I’ve heard Panasonic & Pioneer are OK.

I’ve never had such a bad experience with a defective product. I have a Philips DVDR 75 which I bought used from Good Guys…didn’t work. It was sent back for repair & it “works” now. Again, I’ve been using it sparingly.

I also have a Philips HDRW 720 (also used sparingly), it “works”.

Will these units eventually quit working?

Hello everybody, i’m too a ‘big phillips dvdr985/172’ survivor, my problems started too when i tried to upgrade my recorder to reach the EP+ speed, i almost haven’t used my recorder and after my first upgrade try, my problems started, disc error, disc warning, DB XXXXX errors, one thing i noted is with two sony +rw discs, one was manufactured by sony (i can edit it yet) and the another one by a contratist (DVD Identifier program). The problem was the menu creation, i tried with verbatim 16x discs and started with the same problem, and stopped, but incredibily the recorder created the menu and i made a dvd. To firmware files with a lot of things i used nero burning rom whith the phillips web specifications and you must delete the .txt file. For universal upgrades i used just nero express with the steps for create from a image, and i wrote just the cue file to the disc. I bought my Phillips out of box in circuit city in $600 (a lot of money for me). I saw today several recorders in walmart for less $200, i’ve downgraded my phillips again to ff11h again, i hope the recorder it continue working, i’ll test tomorrow another dvd… p.d. sorry by mi english

I have 2 dvdr 985 and want to update to latest fimware
Where can i download the latest fimware
What is the version