DVDr 80/17 problem with dvd+r discs

I bought a dvdr80/17 and it says it only uses dvd+r for recording. I bought a 50 pcs DIGIMAX dvd+r and, altough the machine recognises the disks I can´t record anything. It always says at the beginning: “disk warning” and it stops, then it says “disk error”. I tried on 7 disks and they don´t work. Why?

a) Was this DVDR80 bought new?

b) Do +RW work?

c) Does it play commercial DVDs?

It could be crap +R discs. Do you have a PC with DVD-ROM?

Yes, I bought it new, it works with +RW disks and it plays commercial dvds too. No, I don´t have a DVD rom in my computer :frowning:

OK - it could be that you’re using +R discs with a speed rating too high for the recorder. Is there a marking on the disc packaging which will tell you what this is?

It’s possible that by upgrading the firmware, you will be able to use them.

The DIGIMAX package says “multi speed compatible” 1x-8x but the DVDr 80 machine doesn´t tell anything about the speed…

And about the upgrade, here in Venezuela it is not possible :frowning:

Hmmm… they should be ok then at 1x speed. Did your problems suddenly start when you changed the brand of discs?

Please post your DVDR80 firmware version. For how to do this, see here.

Why is it not possible? All you would have to do is download a file from here, follow the instructions to burn a CD, and put it in your DVDR machine.

Yes, I downloaded the firmware, my machine read it and updated it, but the problem is still there. My firmware data is:

© Philips 1999-2003
DI NF2/28277 AN 430322 SV 163
BE 20.3.24 DV present FP13
P1_7_b 20040610_1700 DEV cstep 5.25
BASE_20040607_LFF16K 20040607_1400vp
EPG US 06.01.35

BTW the last firmware for dvdr80/17 at the philips website is from june 2004. May I find a newer one?

I tried yesterday with BENQ DVD+R 8x and with GIGABLOCK DVD+R 4x and nothing… The problem is still there, after two or three seconds the machine freezes and say “DISK ERROR” and doesn´t record anything… The same happened with the DIGIMAX DVD+R 8x disks…

The machine still works recording when using MATRIX 1x-4x disks, but I only have 4 disks left and they aren´t imported any more to Venezuela… Those PHILIPS disks can´t be found in Venezuela, nobody sells them.

Do you recommend anything? and THANKS!

Sorry, I missed that you’d replied since last time. Something wrong with the cookies on my computer, I think, and i didn’t notice a new post here. :o

Firstly, ff16k is the latest firmware for your DVDR80/17, even though it was released over a year ago. This firmware added the capability of working with higher speed +R discs, so your machine should be able to use them.

However, without being able to see what the media code of all these brands of discs is, it’s going to be difficult to say exactly what the problem is. On one hand, your machine could be working perfectly, and that you only need to get some decent higher speed discs to use in it. On the other hand, the optical pickup unit in the recorder could be failing, because +R discs are the first type that it won’t recognise. Still being able to use +RW is not surprising, because they have a higher reflectivity and do not need such a lot of power from the laser.

Something for you to consider: if you have a reasonable specification computer, buy a DVD rewriter for it. This will enable you to at least read the media code of the discs you know will work, and for those that don’t work.

With this information, if you can’t get any +R discs that work, then how about making all your DVDR recordings on +RW (which you know will work and are obviously re-usable), then rip the recordings to your computer hard drive. There are a couple of freeware applications that I can suggest which will let you author a DVD, and the DVD rewriter will probably come with some software to burn the authored files back to +R disc. The DVD rewriter will almost certainly be able to use any speed of disc, so the ones you already purchased for the standalone recorder will not be wasted.

It would be helpful to know how old the DVDR80 is, and whether you have proof of purchase to cover a repair, if this is necessary, under the guarantee. Could you also post your computer specifications, and whether you have a broadband or telephone modem connection?