DVDR 7250H: need Tuner Interlink cable

I hope you do not mind me hijacking this thread but I have just had a Philips DVDR 7250H delivered from ebay and the packaging does not contain the essential Tuner Interlink cable. Does anyone know where I can order one from. I have looked all over the net without any luck.
Many thanks

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It’s quite easy to make a new thread using the button at the left hand side of the threads overview page. I’ll split this off into a new one anyway…

Try as I might, I cannot discover how to post a new thread. I note your advice about using the button on the threads overview page. I not only canbnot find the button I cannot find the threads overview page. Hopeless I know but I could do with a push off the side.

Here’s the Philips Forum overview page <---- click here

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Sometimes its difficult being human. I cannot believe how patient you have been with me. I promise to do better. Still no word on where I can source a Tuner interlink cable.

Thanks all. I have now sourced an interlink cable. Interestingly, Philips do not list this essential item on their spares catalogue. Very odd.
Shoeman 126

try using a standard ariel cable, you can buy at any tesco for 99p
many thanks