DVDr 708A Stucked in DVD readmode?



I have a problem with my PX-708A FW 1.10 burner. If i burn a DVD the drive can’t read or write CDs no more. It seems like it stucks in DVD mode. It keeps spinning the CD and sounds really weird. I need to turn off the PC for some minutes, restart is no enough. After this it reads and writes CD ok. I just now realized this.

BTW: No matter what type of CD i insert. I mean original or burned (data, audio) or blank (i only use recommended media) :confused:


Do the self diagnostic test. The instructions are in the manual.


This is a strange problem and new to me. Usually when the unit refuses to read/write CD’s it’s an indication of a hardware problem but then the unit would always refuse and not magically work again after turning it off. I assume the drive still works with DVD’s after burning them? It could a heat problem judging on your post. Is the drive getting enough cooling? What software are you using to burn with? Let us know what you find out.


Ty all for fast reply. I checked now and it’s just looking so it works. It does not write CDs. If i insert a blank CD the led is flashing till it gets green. So ok till now. But when i start recording the leadin is taking too long and then it just stops with an error does not start recording the data. Then it stops to read. Servo tracking failure in burn programs. I tryed Nero, Feurio and Easy CD-DA Extractor. Omg it really looks like a hardware error. I will try the selfdiagnostics later but i have bad feelings about it. :sad:


Servo Tracking Failures can occur due to three reasons that I can think of:

1). The drive is overheating, try cooling is better
2). There is a problem with the used media, try some high-quality Plextor recommended media.
3). There is a hardware problem, try the self test (with recommended media) and if it fails, contact Plextor.

Let us know what you find out!


OMG i tested it and its really a hardware failure :sad: Sent it back where i bought it. Now waiting… No burning for some time.

BTW: I have a thermalthake tsunami case which not only cools my system, but the whole room :slight_smile: . And i’m only using tested media (Verbatim, Imation, Memorex, TDK) so no noname sh!t. Had no problems before.

I had before Plextor PX-W1610TA was really a better drive for burning CDs. I burned more CDs with it and it’s still works (my friend has it).