Dvdr 630vr problem

hello,my philips dvdr 630vr recorder is gone broken.When i put the power on its start normal the sound of maschine is normal and screen comes HELLO and then PLEASE WAIT and it´s freezes of this message.I open the maschine and there is red light when power is on did this mean that its broken?If someone can give some help i`m very thankful.

How you tried unplugging from wall outlet?/maybe leave unplugged over night. :sad:

yes,i try unplug main cable and wait 1 hour and then i push open and rec buttons at the same time and put power back.When i do this its helps little,now i can change channels on the maschine screen(av1,av2...) but in tv is only same channel its not change.If i don`t do that reset and it´s connect normaly on the tv it´s says “please wait” and flashin on the tv screen and about a 10min it´s going to the same position,i can change channels on maschine but same channel on the tv screen.any idea someone?