DVDR 1640P "simply superior..." SHIT!

I’m trying to get work a DVDR1625K/30 (on the box) Philips recorder (but on w2k there is 1640P): NOWAY.

It worked for about 2 months. Then it didn’t recognize neither blank cd neither blank dvd.

Philips changed it to me because of the warranty.

It returned to me 2 days ago, and now…I can’t read neither existing cd or dvd… :frowning: :frowning:

I put it on secondary master with a ide cable only for it. noway.

I tried it on 3 systems (3 different boxes with w2k and wxp pro). noway.

Anyone can help me please???

Any help MUCH MUCH appreciated.



Did u try to put a new firmware on the Philips DVD-R?


Try this firmware. I got that 2, and my Philips works as it should.

Its the zip-file