DVDR-112D and 40 pin connector?

I’m interested in buying this drive but I only have a 40 pin EIDE connector on my motherboard (I’ve got an old computer). Will this drive work using only a 40 pin EIDE connector ribbon?

first of its not pins , its wires , all ide cables are 40 pins ,assuming your motherboard isnt old to the extreme it should support 80 wires ide cables just fine (as long as the ide controller supports ata66/100 that is,and all motherboards that came out around the last 8 years or so support it,just check on the motherboard manufacturer site,if you dont know whats the model just use pcwizard, google it) , it will work but not as it should , just buy an 80 wires ide cable from one of the local pc stores they are quite cheap

EasterBunny - Thanks for the info. I just wanted to make sure everything would work properly before the purchase.

All ide cables for Half-heigth ATA/ATAPI/IDE drives are 40 pin.
They come as 40 wire (old) and 80 wire cables.