DVDR-104:: Freezes after writing 380MB

Please advise.

I have Pioneer DVR-104 bundled in an AlienWare machine.
I have used it to backup DVD’s to DVD-R’s over the past 3 years (approx 50 DVD’s).

I recently upgraded the firmware to 1.41 and have backed up 2-3 DVD-R’s since the upgrade. This upgrade was motivated by having bought new 4x-compatible blanks (I know the drive writes at 2x only).

Now when I try to write DVD files to a blank DVD-R, the drive writes 380MB of data then freezes. The light on the drive goes off, but my disk light stays on, and no additonal bytes are ever written.

I am using Prassi Primo to burn DVD’s.

Drive info

Current Revision : 1.41
Release Date : 03/04/21
Model : Pioneer or Generic 3rd party model
Serial Number : BDDL005191WL

This firmware is already latest version.
This firmware does not need to be updated.

Additional System Info:
Windows XP

Blank Media Info:
TDK DVD-R 4.7GB 4x-compatible

Any suggestions? Has anyone seen this before?
From reading the other threads - I will try to…

  • defrag my disk
  • switch back to old 1x media that I KNOW works

Thank you,


Nevermind - I figured it out.
Did a scandisk and defrag.
Problem was with my disk, noy the burner nor media…