Dvdplus r burn to dvd rom

anyone help me how to burn +r dvd discs to dvd rom

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Not all burners are capable of setting a +R disc to -ROM. You’ll have to give us some more info to figure if you can do it or not, like you brand and model number. Some burners can do it right out of the box, while others require a modified firmware.

What DVD burner are you using? Some drives cannot change the booktype for +R media to DVD-ROM.

soz yeah the dvd writer i,m using is a lg gsa 4120b 12x ±-

doesn’t look like it can bitset:


You should try burning a dvd-r movie and see if it will play in your stand alone player.

Take a look here to see if your standalone support burned discs

Yes, but this thread is about gsa4160 and his drive is gsa4120, and this drive should be able to change booktype.
As i’ve seen you need at least firmware A104 or later, you can change booktype
in Nero under options choose recorder, then click on options and select Dvd-Rom.

thanks for spotting that error rapid fire :doh:


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