Ok, i start a project in clone mode and when it starts it says insert proper media in drive, whuch i did! its a dual layer dvd blank. when i tried a full disk it said insert dual layer media, which is what is in the drive. Niw when i used other sofware to burn project it burned fine no problems, so what up wit this plat. software



This is your 3rd POST on this matter or issue :doh:
You making post after post after post is not going to get you the answer :bigsmile:
IF anyone can help you they will :flower:

Tim :cool:


Rich, it sounds like there is some problem with the drive communicating with Fab to tell it when a disc is inserted and what type it is. Which burning engine to you have selected in “Common Settings–>Write”? Do you have any other DVD software running in the background when trying to use DVDFab?