DVDPlat Will not Copy DVD



This program will not work. When try to copy dvd it always shows the DVD that is being copied as a much larger file 6g or larger. When try to use Customize only get about 4 or 500 mb on the dvd. I am not having any success in copy any dvd.


Most often times original DVD movies start out at around 7.4 gigs. At least in that area. That’s what Fab does. In the Full Movie or Main Movie modes, it compresses them to fit on a single layer disk. You don’t have to use the customize mode to try and make the original fit on the back-up. See how that works. If that doesn’t work ,then there’s other issues. Mike


DVDFAb does not show file sizes. What software and version are you using,Will? In customize you must select the titles you want using the check boxes, but DVDFab selects what it thinks is the main movie by default. I don’t see how you could wind up with a DVD with only 500MB. Please give us some more information of the steps you followed.


Here is the error code I get Error 400(32 5 3) When I try and copy it goes thru the process and the line goes accross the bottom and then I get the error code. It seems like it is just after a temp file is made and time to burn the dvd that is when I get the error codes. I did change the temp file to another drive and I checked the file is there why it is working. Of course it is gone when I get the error code. Thanks


Don’t copy the full disc unless you have a dual layer burner and disc (dvd9). Just copy the main movie and select dvd5. Depending on the movie you’ll get around 80-100% quality of the original with or without main menu features.

To increase the quality only copy 1 audio source, I always use ac3 5.1, but then again I have a sweet surround sound system.