Dvdnextcopytech keeps saying package mode-never used to and now won't work

I put dvdnextcopytech on a new windows 7 computer, got a new license etc, ever since I have tried to use it it shows the movie as the soruce and I put in the target just like I used to but I always use automatic movie only and it goes through it the decoding and shows the preview but now it says prescan and transcoding but doesn’t show th movie as it used to and instead says package mode. it never used to say that. now no matter what movie you try to copy it goes to that package mode and then when it is done in that mode says movie is to big. I read about the movie to big in the user guide all I want to do is to be able to do it like I did on the other computer, the big difference I guess is the part that says package mode like I said it never said that before and never had a problem before. Can someone please help me out here?

Packaging Mode mean there isn’t a need to compress. The only way for the software to go to movie only Automatic is if you hit that to the left. What Title(s)?

That is the one I always click on, I just reinstalled it on my computer with windows xp on it and it just did the movie I was trying to do with no problem, the only time I get that package mode is on the new windows 7 computer, so what is the deal with that ? any idea’s

Not really as I don’t get it on my end at all unless I use a commercial DVD that is 4.37 gigs or less in size. I have used Win 7 Ultimate ever since it was a beta.

On the Windows 7 computer Right click the desktop icon and select run as administrator to see if that fix problem