Dvdnextcopy ultimate



When adding ripped DVD’s to BluRay in DNC, (Copy to BluRay) it shows little square buttons; “add chapter” and “delete chapter” after every addition of a new DVD… At what stage of the procedure do you click the button and what is the effect? Does it show as a separate chapter on the finished disc or what is the real purpose of this facility? All comments would be very welcome. Thanks.


I have downloaded the Ultimate Manual (which seems outdated), read every Forum that perhaps may help with this issue, but did not find anything that could assist with creating chapters. There may be information available that I have missed and if so , it would be appreciated if any member could point me in the right direction.
I have successfully completed converting 7 ripped DVD’s to 1(one) 50GB BluRay disc but if chapters between each disc would have been available, it will make viewing so much easier.


It should automatically but you may want to add per DVD.