DVDneXtCOPY iTurns V1.5.4.2 Released

DVDneXtCOPY iTurns V1.5.4.2 Release Notes

[li] Fixed all known major bugs.
[/li][li] Added Projectfolder naming according to Playlist (iTunes only)
[/li][li] Added Cover Artwork (manual adding: only in Pro)
[/li][li] Redeveloped GUI for future features
[/li][li] Added Browser Control for startup
[/li][li] Added m4a iTunes compatible container format
[/li][li] Updated installer to detect older versions and running iTurns software.
[/li][li] Updated recources to V1.5.4.2

DVDneXtCOPY iTurns Free Download

DVD neXt COPY iTurns Pro Download

Pro can not be used without a serial either.

Thanks Dr. Who.

Very cool addition with the Cover artwork. =)