DVDMAESTRO problem! :-(

First of all, greetings everyone, i’m new in this forum and i’m not sure if my question was already answered before but i’ll try it anyway.
I can’t seem to drag and drop my m2v movie file in dvdmaestro, it keeps saying "THE VIDEO ASSET LENGTH IS GREATER THAN MAXIMUM ALLOWED. I’m using dvdmaestro 2.5 i only have the codecs i need installed like divx codec, xvid codec, ac3 codec and filter and ogg codec. the m2v movie file is never larger than 4 gb or 4 something gb and i dont have any trouble at all with other authoring softwares like dvd-lab or tmpgenc dvd-author but with this maestro i’ve been having this problem, can it be the version i’m using??? Thanks in advance

There are lots of problems with ver 2.5. The latest version is 2.9 is has very few if any bugs. Always works for me.