DVDMaestro+Daemon Tools+Nero

Following situation: DVD Maestro created a DVD-Video folder and an image from it. Since My ASPI seems to be messed up (no, ForceASPI doesn’t work), DVD Maestro itself can’t burn.

So I simply mounted the image to Daemon Tools and did a copy from daemon tools drive to the “real” burner with Nero.
Funny: the vts_01_0.bup file is then not identical to it’s original. I tried with several different images, and it’s always vts_01_0.bup which is not identical to the original file.

I’ve extracted the file from the created image, to see if the image is crap (using ISO-Buster), but it was OK.
When comparing the file in the daemon tools drive with the original one, then there’s no difference either. But when copying from daemon tools drive to a dvd-rw disc with Nero, then suddenly, the vts_01_0.bup file is changed.
The disc stills work, but there should no file be changed, should it…

I’m really confused :confused:

It seems like Nero is the one who changes the file for some reason. Did you try any other burning program yet? I’d download Alchohol 120% and give it a try with that one. On a DVD-RW ofcourse, in case it fails…

look at www.doom9.net

they have a ripper that can make back-ups and burn dvd’s

Originally posted by damiandimitri
[B]look at www.doom9.net

they have a ripper that can make back-ups and burn dvd’s [/B]

If I understand alex’ topic well, DVD Maestro CAN burn DVD’s. But, since his aspi layer “died”, he has to use another program that doesn’t need the aspi layer… so that’s why he’s using Nero.

Maybe the program you are pointing at doesn’t need it as well… that would be kinda rare, but awefully nice!


i will have to look it up.
I was at work when writing the previous post, so had not enough time.

will post it here


I’ve tried using Nero DVD-Video option, instead of 1:1-copy from daemon tools: This doesn’t change any data. Seems to me that Nero can’t read DVD-Video properly from a daemon tools drive.

Well, I was told that older versions of Nero burned nothing but crap for dvd-video, but this has appearently been fixed.

Nevertheless, I’d like to know why Nero changes this file only when doing a 1:1 copy from the daemon.

Not to forget: My ASPI layer can’t be too dead. cdrecord still works, cdrecord-prodvd tells the manufacturer of dvd-r discs, and i’ve used cdda2wav for reading a Cactus disc. So my ASPI layer must still live…


here you go

Now, Nero can load 3rd-application DVD image files, but it cuts bit 32 of the size: If you tried to burn a 4400 MB image, you’ll get a 4400-4096 = 304 MB burn :frowning:

No, I don’t want dvddecryptor. I hate all the silly menus which 1st play a movie before showing language selection and the such. I replace them with new but simple menus, so I need to reauthor the discs.

I’ve already mailed Jörg Schilling for a full version of cdrecord-proDVD for burning these images :wink: