Dvdlabs - simple instructions, please?

Is there an experienced dvdlabs user willing to walk me
through getting past the "menu1 has no buttons …:
error message?

I see four icons: “first play”, title button", “menu 1”,
and, “movie 1”;

“title button” goes to “menu 1” with a blue line;
“first play” goes to a junction with the blue line
and on to the “menu 1” icon;

the “movie 1” icon is all alone, and I can draw
a link from “movie 1” to the “menu 1” icon
using the “draw link” tool (a little + sign) on the right),
but that is the only action I have been able
to see that changes anything, and I still can’t
complie the DVD.

Can someone speak to me like a grade-shooler
and tell me how to get past this point with the
bare minimum of effort in this connections window?

I am not so much interested in what it all means
(the concepts underlying menus and titles and all),
as I am in just getting dvdlabs to compile the mpeg2
file into a dvd flolder with the minimum work in the
connections window.



If you are not using a menu, just delete it from the compilation and make the movie 1 first play drawing a line from title button icon.