DVDLab V's TMPGenc

I have been using both to demux VCD’s to put on DVD the only thing is that DVDLab can do it in about 15 minutes where as TMPGenc takes like an hour, is this right? Am I loosing quality with DVDLab etc etc etc.
Any suggestions comments apprecaited.

I haven’t ripped any dvd’s lately, but if i remember right, you can play around with the settings of tmpegenc and it will do whole movies in about 15-20 min. I will post settings if i get a chance…
As for quality, have you compared the outcomes of the same movie from the two of these…i beleive that there isn’t much of a diference…If i get a chance i will have to test them… :cool:

When you say TMPGEnc, do you mean TMPGenc DVD Author (TDA) or do you mean TMPGEnc mpeg encoder ? TDA should take similar time to DVDLab while TMPGEnc will rencode the mpeg which takes so long. Author in any program does NOT alter the quality of the final movie, it just authors it to a form your DVD Player can see, they do NO encoding/transcoding/whatever.

“I now see,” said the blind man, thanks chickenman it makes sense now that you point that out.

You haven’t used Ulead MovieFactory 4. :frowning:

It not only encodes/transcodes. it does whatever too.

It completely destroys mpg clips - DVD compliant clips that will play before they are destroyed by MF4.

Tell me again why your running a program against an orginal just for this reason :confused: I put orginals either on disc or another HDD because once in a great while it happens. MF4 works rather good for me. I like it alot. Maybe a little slow but think 20 years ago how many weeks or months the same thing would take. Our computers and software are much faster then the space shuttle’s. We come along way and im glad to be part of it. :iagree: :clap: :slight_smile:

We are glad you are happy.