DVDLab strange effect

I made some good projects with DVDLab, but after i updated
with the latest beta, when i do a selection in the DVD menu,
of the burned (rw) DVD, the menu stays on the screen, and
hear only the audio of the selected item, with PowerDVD as
player, on a standalone player everything works fine…
a previous dvd, burned before the update plays o.k. in

Remember, what you have installed is a BETA, its not supose to be 100%. I would suggest you go back to the one that works for you.

Originally posted by ChickenMan
Remember, what you have installed is a BETA, its not supose to be 100%. I would suggest you go back to the one that works for you.

Yes, I now degraded to 1.1 but the problem stayed,
i guess now i should de-install DVDlab, and re-install it again,
maybe use regedit to check if everything is gone, check for old
.ini’s etc… but now … looking back to Meastro, where lies the
difference between these two progs. ? with DVDlab you have
also a lot of preparing to do, to make things right…

DVDLab is unable to include any more than 1 audio track, Maestro suports the DVD Std max of 8. DVDLab does not suport loading of any subtitles at all, again Maestro suport DVD St max of 32 tracks.

DVDLab however, can convert your audio to 48khz if it was not for you, Maestro cant.

Maestro can be made to jump from any chapter point to somewhere else in the dvd, DVDLab is very limited in that area.

Maestro has a very limited Menu generation compared to DVDLab but has far more control over indervidual item/links within the Menu.

Maestro was sold to the Professional authoring industry complete with a PC running NT4 for approx $20,000. DVDLab on introductory price can be had for $79. You get what you pay for. But dont get me wrong, I like DVDLab a lot but is very limited with 1 audio track and no subtitle suport. If it had those 2 features fixed I would highly recommend it.

Thanks, ChickenMan, I like DVDlab, because it’s easy to handle,
(easy way to add chapter menus)

Last time i started Meastro, and noticed, that, the GUI
looks very much the same, and that made me wondering…

btw i registered TMPGenc Author DVD , and the latest update
has some nice menu editing functions added to it, only i find
with this one, that it’s very “picky” on the format, files encoded
with Studio8 or NeoDVDplus4, arent always accepted, most
of the time the longer ones…:frowning:

Noticed, that the DV avi(2)'s look bad when played directlly
by PowerDVD etc… once encoded to Mpeg2, they look better,

I 've got the Canopus, and in a “guide” they use also a DVSoft
(Adaptec) codec, why ? is it better that way, is Windows normaly
performing this function ?

Hope this is not too much, i’m still learning, and everytime there
are comming more aspects “lurking round the corner” i noticed…

DVDLab have made a good job of copying the interface of Maestro :slight_smile: It even imports Maestro Chapters directly.

TMPGenc DVD Author is a good author but is very simple and limited. Great for AVI to DVDR conversions, thats why I recommend it there,

As for Canopus’s Procoder, I have little to do with it as it so bloody slow !!! In its Mastering quality mode, it is excellent, just way to slow for me to use regularly unfortunately. I really have no idea about the codecs it uses for DV stuff.

Sorry, but with Canopus, i mean the ADVC100…