DVDLab PRO wont compile my whole project

I have a 3.5g project and whenever y click compile, it only does 1gig, the result of that compile is not playable, am i doing anything wrong?


Most likely one of the files(video) is corrupted. You have also not mentioned what the input/source file content is? How many files are there? Does the compile stop before the multiplexing of a certain file by the muxer in DVD Lab? B’coz this used to happen to me a lot previously. This usually happens when the muxer encounters a corrupted source file among the input, and that is also the reason why it compiles upto 1 Gig and stops just before it encounters the Error File. You should watch the Compilation Progress window to pinpoint the exact cause. The reasons could be varied. In my case it was macroblocks in the source(pixellation)file which caused the muxer(not Dvd Lab) to crash bcoz of Page file constraints while processing the file. This COULD be the case with your project too.

Hope this helps.

I see, now that you said that im sure it was a corrupted file, i “stupidly” joined 2 mpeg’s and since then it started to give me errors, thanks for your time.

I see your problem is fixed now, but it could also be FAT limitation :slight_smile:


Glad to help.