Dvdlab Pro Questions

how do u create menus or the chapter list?? i went on the menu then scene selection thumnail but it wont let me do it how do you create??? im trying to put 12 epsisodes and create a menu and chapter list anyone know how to do it. real dumb question how the hell do u delete in the connections where you put ur movies or epsiodes i just cannot find a delete click. and when i extract the vcd’s mpeg in isobuster the file gets smaller the file which turns out to be mpv?? like the mpeg shows 184.07mb then the mpv shows 155.23mb i thought the file was gonna get bigger??? sorry if i made it sound confusing cause im confused. but where the hell is the delete click and how do you create a menu cause i been trying to for like an hour any help would be appreciated. thank you

Hello ECW,

Try this quick tutorial:


Hope this helps!



The delete click is the Delete button on your keyboard. The mpv file is the “video only” part of the stream/mpeg file(i.e. audio has been seperated, that file will be called mpa/mp2/some other audio format). So when you think about it, it should be smaller. As far as menu creation goes, it will serve you well to read the Help files in the program, they are excellent. To demonstrate to you how good they are "I have made 2 dvd’s with 30 menus each and 15 home VHS clips, converted of course, 1 of them being a multi-VTS(PAL and NTSC on the same DVD). " All the help I needed was in the Help files. But YOU have to read them COMPLETELY not just the quick Tutorial In order to make anything approaching the look of a PROFFESIONAL DVD.

Also read the guide that Ikki mentioned. It helps only little.

Hope this helps.

thanks for the answers. few more question if i delete the mpeg file will the mpv file not play??? like if i delete mpeg will the mpv file get deleted automatically?? and is the only way to re author the vcd’s is by putting extracted mpv then the extracted 48khz in the connections can i just put the mpeg1 in there?? i know the size will turn out same but i ust want to know. thank you

ok im must be dumb cause i still cant do it. im trying to use the 12 thumnail scene selection and put 1 episode in just 1 thumnail put the 2nd epsiode in the 2nd one. u get what im saying, i dont want to put the whole 1 epsiode using all 12 thumnails. this making menu is really complicating and is there a way to make my own background like put pictures in it? thanks


If you delete the mpeg the mpv does not get deleted. All you need is the mpv and the 48khz audio. Mpeg wont do as DVD Lab Pro will demux it anyway to the same 2 files(mpv and 48khz Audio). It is always preferable to do it yourself first and feed the same to DLP.

Trying to explain how to make the menu here will be a gargantuan task. My advice is read the menu section of the DLP help again especially the buttons,Links,Special and Scene Selections. These should help you out. Also read the links in these pages as there are examples given on how to do the same.

Hope this helps.

i did read the links but i guess im slow cause i still cant do it. but thank you for the answers


Glad to help.