Dvdlab pro menu help

i read somewhere that if you have like 5 episodes you need 5 vts menu? im just trying to make a simple menu with 7 episodes selection, dont i just need 1 vts menu for that? how do you put music in the menu also? where these draw link pose to be linked to menu to episode so it plays right is kinda confusing. ive been playing with this program for over an hour trying to make this menu with 7 episodes but cant seem to get it right can someone help me with this.

The best place to ask questions about DVDLab Pro is over at the mmb forums. I would go there and read as much as possible before framing your question there. And make sure you give a [B]complete[/B] description of what you are trying to do. They seem like a testy bunch at times.

Here is the link

The help file included with the program is huge. Have you gone through it completely? When I get stuck, that has been my first resource to solve the problem.