Dvdlab pro help plz on a motion menu

ok ive used several proggies to do the vid conversion, finally stuck with vegas.

have a 15 second mpg converted it to m2v and mpa
now i built a menu in dvdlab pro looks like this

|                         | 
|                 play    | 
|                 scenes  | 
|        -----            | 
|        | 1  |           | 
|        -----            | 

where 1 is a motion menu movie in a frame

now ive tried everything i can includeing not useing intro, and setting delay to 0, by useing the buffer(which i still dunno what this is hehe) but leaveing it at .1 ive tried rendering with cross fade on and off, etc…

EVERY time i do this then check it in a dvd player the audio is allways about 1 sec behind
so i tried it by adding a link from play to play the m2v and audio and it plays fine, so its something to do with the motion render part of dlp im thinking ,

from what ive read in forums so far i can answer these ahead of time,

audio format: mpa ,48.0 khz, 192 kbps ,15 secs length, stereo ,avg bitrate is 193 kbps
vid format : 720x480, 29.97 fps, 4:3 ratio
vid is same for original m2v and the motion rendered m2v

is there a way to bring them into sync properly? im thinking to go try and add time to the beginning of the audio track and remove it from the end to keep the same length but this is something im unsure of how to do, im new to all of this stuff im comeing from pana menus and basic ones, thisll be my first motion menu , so wanna do it good, thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.

if it helps and anyone knows how to do the remedy i have the following installed with atleast minimal usage knowledge in them

DLP current ver
sony vegas 6
Goldwave current ver
and some mini style progs.