DVDLab Pro Half-D1 Chapters etc

I recently acquired a set of Vob files that were captured via DVDR (LP mode I believe). Upon inspection the resolution is Half-D1 (352x480). I have made some kick-a$$ menus, compiled everything in DVDLab Pro, added chapters etc etc, but when I output the project the chapters are not saved accurately, actualy are references are madly screwed up. I have tryed multiple scenarios to ammed the problem but to no success, ie MPEG Video wizards GOP fixer, re-writing GOP time code in DVDLab, dummy videos, DVDRemake Pro…and just cant get it to reference the chapters correctly!
Inspection of the related IFO shows the 34 chapters and the 1st is a correct cell but then the remaining all reference the same timecode and basicaly show as still frames.
I have also searched the web for a solution but no luck.
Is this as simple as Half-D1 not supporting chapters?
This is my first encounter with this standard so any information would be of great help :flower:

have you rebuilt the frame index?
Movie > Frame Index > Rebuild…
If you haven’t already, it’s best to demux the vob’s before authoring rather than work with the vobs directly within DVDLab. I use ReJig to demux standalone authored discs to seperate the A/V for authoring.

Yes, restarting by deleting the file, importing with demux then frame rebuilding has done the trick to hold chapters…I thought I had tryed that already but maybe failed to do one thing correct.

Thankyou very much! I think I will do this trick with every file from here on.