DVDLAB authoring with 2 movie files

I have divx files that are in 2 parts. I cannot koin them because they have ac3 audio and I get an annoying chrip at the join. I encode them seperately and load them into dvdlab as 2 movies, and then have the second movie begin at the end of the first one. It plays back fine except for like a 3 second delay at that part. Is there any way to make the playback seamless?

You can use IFOEdit to join the two encoded movies. Run it after you’ve encoded, but before you run dvdlab. Put VOBs from the second movie into the same dir as the first movie, rename the second set so it continues the numbering of the first set, start ifoedit and hit “create ifos”.

Thank you richardd, I will give that a try with some of my movies.
But does anyone know how to make a smooth transition from “movie 1-> movie 2” because I author some with subtitles and different audio tracks, and it’ll be easier to leave each movie seperate.