Chugging along… 11315. :stuck_out_tongue:

Had an incident, polished it and left it in the bathroom to dry. Then ‘somebody’ comes along and start spraying hair spray all over the place. :eek: :clap:

Tried rinsing it with water, but was unable to get it all off. There was a sticky pattern all over it. :doh: Just for fun tried it in a couple of readers, and surprisingly the Pioneer dvd-119 was able to at least notice that there was something on it, but was unable to parse the UDF file system. The Liteon didn’t recognice it at all, and took about 3 minutes to eject it. :rolleyes:

Was about to toss it in the bin and decide that enough was enough, but decided to try one more thing. I took the hairspray and started spraying the disc over and over again, and when the bottle was almost empty I flushed the disc with water (quite hot, about 50-55C perhaps). Well to my surprise the disc showed no signs of goo and was nice and shiny. It also repells water very nicely now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t look like it did much good for readablility though, but at least it’s back to being incredibly bad instead of being incredibly dead.



2 days later, 11270 sectors to go. Time for another experiment, silver polish perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:



Ok it’s fine that you people are pushing this to the limits and using markets, keys, nail polish and tabasco sauce - It is quite easy to render a disc unrecoverable. The best advice I can give is if you have very important data, make a backup copy - blanks are cheap and it’s worth paying an extra 30 to 50 cents to have peace of mind… use quality media. The whole idea behind programs like this is to recover from discs that have developed reading problem due to many factors… scratches, etc… But nothing is foolproof don’t use this program as a substitute to making a backup. :slight_smile:


Of course! I got bored with it a while ago and quit. I still got the disc though, I just ran out of drives to test…

About the program: It’s annoying that it needs to rescan the whole image every time you start over, especially when you’re only missing a single sector! Set to adaptive reading and Stop reading when unreadable intervals < 0. Needs some tweaking if you ask me…