DVDisaster (program): what am I doing wrong?


I discovered this great software tool last year, but I didn’t have any time to play with it untill today. I decided to use it for couple important discs. Followed examples on the website, successfully created parity .ecc files in RS01 mode, but when I try to ‘fix’ damaged discs (simulation/check), I always get this message:

Whats wrong? :doh: I tried with regular files and still no luck, same message again. Btw. does DVDisaster work with mixed file compilations or strictly with single .iso? I mean, can I burn .avi/.jpg files and then create .ECCs for future use? It seems its not the case or I didn’t correctly understand the help file.


PS. It may not be obvius from the screenshot, I have burned ISO image.iso in regular file mode with Nero. ECC file was not added to the ISO image itself, it was created separately on C: hard drive.

edit: I found it in the meantime, first I have to extract file onto hard drive and then try to fix it. :clap: