DVDisaster How does it work?

I did read the documentation on the official DVDisaster website, but i still have some Questions.

How does it actually append the RS02 ecc data on to the end of the disc ?
I tried looking at a disk with IsoBuster but couldn’t see where all that extra stuff is.
Also somewhere on the web i Saw a article saying that the ISO images created with DVdisaster are not in the standard format. Is there any truth to this?
And is there any point in adding RS02 ecc if the free space is only 5% or so?

Basically what i am interested in is the loong term effect of this. Will this "non standard " format increase the possibility of the Disks being not recognised by the drive ?
I ve seen quite a few postings from senior members here (Dragemaster seem to love it. :slight_smile: ) recomending DVDisaster , and apparently they’ve been using it for years now.
I would really like to hear their opinons ,after using this for so long.

Thanks in Advance to anyone who reply.