Dvdisaster 0.72 released

A new stable version of DVDisaster has been released on July 4th

This free and opensource software can be downloaded here.

Most important changes in this version:

[/li]> [li]Support for Blu-Ray media
[/li]> [li]“Raw” reading and C2 scans for CD media
[/li]> [li]Selectable number of reading attempts
[/li]> [li]First native Mac OS X application bundle
[/li]> [li]NetBSD-Port by Sergey Svishchev
[/li]> [li]Improved media type recognition
[/li]> [li]Info window describing inserted medium
[/li]> [li]Improved and enhanced preferences dialog
[/li]> [li]Reworked and enhanced documentation
[/li]> [li]Russian translations by Igor Gorbounov
[/li]> [li]… and many more small changes and fixes.
[/li]> [/ul]

As reported by the author,

Newer Windows versions may not display the proper screen language under certain language settings. This problem is rather complex and will be addressed in the upcoming 0.73.x releases.

Enjoy :bigsmile:

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