DVDInfoPro v3 beta & no more v2.51?



I downloaded DVDInfoPro v3 beta from here:
but the zip file needs a password???

I am currently using DVDInfoPro v2.51 but I now see only v2.47 is listed on the homepage. Was there something wrong with v2.51?


Who knows? He puts out a lot of updates, so wait a day or three and there will be a new one. In fact, just now when I started my v2.51, I was notified that there’s a new 2.53. I downloaded and installed it, but it represents itself as being v2.52. I checked the code and sure enough, it’s really coded as v2.52, but the text file within the zip says it should be v2.53. Only problem is that this, the latest version and supposedly v2.53, keeps telling me that there’s a later v2.53 available. No biggie, typically, he’ll have v2.54 (or later) out soon.


http://www.dvdinfopro.com/download/dvdinfo2.zip is 2.54, i downloaded it this moment