DVDINFOPRO read errors on my LDW-400D

guys, can somebody help me with this…

I’m currently using Lite-ON LDW-400D, firmware 1.2D. I have been burnt about ~50DVDRs or so and I just started using DVDINFOPRO to check for READ ERRORS on these DVDRs that I have burned. I have used Memorex, TDK, Kyphemedia (i know this is a bad brand) and a generic brand from CUSA. The bad news is that all the discs contain a significant amount of read errors thru out the discs…they play fine and burn fine. Anybody experienced this? Are we supposed to be getting ZERO read errors from all of our burnt?

Please help.

Don’t double-post!

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Don’t double-post!

i know…after my original post, i realized that this is the right forum for the question, so I repost it here…sorry.

Does anybody have similar experience w/ the dvdinfopro w/ their drive(not necessary LDW-400D)?


YES! I was looking around on google for similar problems, and I found your post here. I have the same problem, and nearly the same drive. I have a Lite-On 411s +R/+RW drive.

Almost all my burns return read errors in DVDInfoPro.

What’s weird, is that most of the read errors occur at the 68% point in the discs!

Some of the dvd’s play back fine in my stand-alone player, others hang at the read error point.

This is with Philips 2.4x DVD+R media.

refer to this post for my experience…