It’s there PI/PO for Pioneer 108 and others… Yeah…

I guess we post in the same time.Your post was not there when i post mine.Looking for the delete button???

We should have a scan posted, so here we go.

where exaclty do you get that…i am looking at their website and dont see it…Is there any other prog that will support the 108 nero speed???

The only thing i can find is ver.3.29 will that support the 108?

not at this time, only dvdinfo will do it.


thanks alot KenW

will post results soon

How to read the DVDinfopro pioneer scans.

A little hint to everyone using this pi/po is read not pi/pif so to read the level you have to read it like this.

pi = < 280
po = < 280

I know this bit confusing as we have been told with other scans if its 8/8ecc to read it
280 and 16 or 8/1ecc 280 and 4. but po is not pif so you have to read it as 280 and 280. I hope this helps.

Does that mean “other scans” are incorrect and DIP is correct? Or does it mean DIP “PO” is not the same as anything other programs report? 280 peak PO in DIP is safe?

Dip po scan is the only po scan all the rest do pif not the same thing

Dip is as correct as it can be for po part of the scan. po is not pif there not even checking the same thing.

Her is one scan of a G05 burned at 8x(neil firm)…can someone explain if this is good or bad? (I am not sure what to make of these kind of scans

level should be under 280 for both graphs to be good scan, as yours is much higher then 280 for most of graph this would seen to say you burn was poor.


If you select vertical not line it will look more like speed3 scans :slight_smile:

here is another on with ricojpnR01-02…It does good up untill the end…Im just trying to get feed back and test different media with different speeds…have you used these two medias(R01-02 or the R04) and at what speed would you say is the best?

How does this scan look? Is it the average count that matters or the peak count that matters? I’ m a little confused. :confused:

peak matters peak level on pie should be under 280 and poe should be as well.

DVD Burner:Pioneer DVR107D(NIL firmware 1.18)
DVD Backups movie: The Peacemaker DTS version DVD-R:Thats 4X DVD-R
Burning Speed@8X
only test in fsat mode

I suggest using “Accuracy” rather than “Faster” for Speed/Accuracy. And I think the “Vertical” bars are a more accurate representation of how the data is measured. I should have results for my DVR-108 up soon…

Well from my first compared test for Pioneer 108 and Plextor 712 the graphs showing PI are very different, Pioneer giving far more optimist results even at faster reading speed…

@kidsafe :
OK,I also test in Accuracy mode :smiley:
DVD Burner:Pioneer DVR107D(NIL firmware 1.18)
DVD Backups movie: The Peacemaker DTS version DVD-R:Thats 4X DVD-R
Burning Speed@8X

Memorex branded 8x DVD-R @12x. The burn starts out pretty nicely but toward the outer regions of the disc at 12x the PIE/PO skyrocket to unacceptable levels. Burn this media at 8x.

FujiFilm “Made in Taiwan” 8x FUJIFILM03 @8x. Interesting climb in PIE to around 200 MB, and a smaller example at 400 MB. There is a sharp peak at around 600 MB and then things are smooth till around 2.2 GB, and it PIE jumps at about 2.85 GB. Everything said, it looks like a pretty good burn and comparable to KenW’s screen cap. His burn shows similar patterns. No problems with this disc at its rated speed.