DVDInfoPro 3.0

Wonderful news this morning!

Benq in Tiawan contacted Nic about including support for their drives in dvdinfopro V3.0 and have supplied us with the information needed to do this.

The BenQ drives will support PI/PO and Jitter. In addition to this, they will include the ability to choose the speed of scan-back, which is not possible on the Nu drive. Options will be 4xCAV, 6xCAV, 8xCAV, 12xCAV.

Release for this is planned in the next version of the beta - so BenQ users be ready!

This is a great leap forward again! :slight_smile:

Great news. :slight_smile:

I put this request in their support forum with Nic’s email address, so maybe it was a result of that, or maybe not, anyways good news!

The channels work in strange ways…;-D. You never know. Just maybe you got your wish? :iagree:

This isn’t really big news, Eric Deppe has been working for Benq support in CDSpeed for some time. He posted this a week ago in the CDSpeed testing thread :

Unfortunately there are some problems with the BenQ/Philips drives so I’ve disabled support for them in the current beta but they will be supported as soon as the problems are sorted out.

BenQ/Philips drives can also report jitter which is very nice of course

Could it be that some folks might be claiming credit where it is not due? Nah, that would never happen. :wink:

Well it’s good news that there will be a variety of tools we can use to do the testing. For those that prefer one tool over another this is all good.

Agreed, more tools is good. Free tools without advertising are even better. :wink:

CDSpeed doesn’t have bitsetting or book type management does it?

This logic completely escapes me? claiming creditt?? huh?
Benq contacted me, sent me the vendor commands set and asked me to put compatibility in my program for their drives, and this is what zebra announced.

No it doesn’t and there are many other things it does not have. Fact is the programs are not really the same and dont need to be compared this way. That said I know of no-one else comparing them. There is a place for many types of tools, I have always tried to show I respond to user requests quickly with added functions or bug fixes. I spend a ton of hours writing this progran and get bashed for advertising, and my bashers write what? and offer what free? :slight_smile: :wink:

Free criticism…

It will be a shame if the benq drives have problems stopping this from working. I am just doing the routine now, and will know soon what the problems may be. I have an excellent contact at Benq and will try and get something done about this quickly, once I know what the issues are. More to follow on this one.

I say the more drives and manufacturers that support PI/PO scanning and other tests in DVDInfoPro, the better!

I agree, the Nero tool just does not have all the features I want. Kind of nice to have an all in one solution.

actually eriks latest cdspeed release works with my benq :wink:

hmmm, yep. So far I have encountered no issues. I have the Benq DW800 working fine and the data seems to be matching the Nu which is looking very promising.

Public Service Announcement

Hi all - as of this moment…

Beta 2 of DVDInfoPro3.0 is now available for testing, Benq owners can apply directly to NicW:


Join the effort BenQ owners! Your help and feedback will directly contribute to making this even better software. :slight_smile:

I have confirmed a speed issue reported by some users. I would say this is probably the same ssue that Erik found as I have found no others. In the latest build I have managed to improve it considerably but still not as fast as I would have expected. The issue has been reported formally and will await the outcome.

The response from Benq owners has been awesome and I thank you all. Keep up the good work and the feedback.


Does this tool also work with Philips drives - the DVDRW824 for example?

Thanks for any answers concerning my question.


Hi all,

This morning, Nic has discussed at length the “spike” and “corrupted buffer” issue with Nu engineers and they will do what they can to fix it as soon as possible.

Further to this, we are now in the process of collecting model numbers and hardware of drives that work with the new functions of InfoPro 3.0.

Now, some news for LiteOn owners

Liteon PI/PO analysis capabilities will be added for the next beta!