Dvdinfo quality check

I was just wondering what is the biggest factor affecting the % on the dvdinfo quality rating. Does it matter what type of PC you use(I have a laptop,1GB ram). I burn with a Plextor 716. I assume a 95% rating is good(right?),but I was just wondering which components of the test weigh heaviest.

I’m not as familiar with DVDInfoPro, but I think it may be the same as Nero CD-DVD Speed in how it measures a ‘score/rating’ - CD-DVD Speed does it purely based on what the maximum PIF level is. While maximum PIF level is one of the most important components to consider in a scan, it’s still a crude way to decide burn quality based on that alone. Consider PIF total, PIE max and total, jitter levels, TRT (transfer rate test), etc.

No, DVDInfoPro has a more advanced algorithm when it determines the overall score than Nero CD-DVD Speed. You can notice the rating raising after a big spike, while in CD-DVD Speed the rating never increases.
However DVDInfoPro is said to report incorrect PIE/PIF errors, so it is not recommended to use it for quality scans. Just stick with Nero CD-DVD Speed (or Plextools, if you are using a Plextor)

I take it you mean a big PIE spike?

I meant PIF spike. Just do a little comparsion: if you do a test in Nero CD-DVD Speed, a single PIF spike around 8 will drop the quality score below 80 (or so). But the rating in DVDInfoPro is based rather on the average PIF amount or something. So PIF 8 will drop the score, but if no further spikes appear it will slowly increase. (At least it did when i checked it)

Oh I see, I misunderstood you. I haven’t used DVDInfoPro for quite some time since my ‘trial’ has long since run out, except for displaying the output data from ImgBurn. It does sound like a slightly better rating system, though ultimately I wouldn’t put too much faith into either. CD-DVD Speed’s advanced rating system with Benq scans is a bit better, though it’s still better to judge the scans on your own.