Dvdinfo PRO wont start anymore

It keeps telling me that its out of date and If reinstall it, it still says the same message, even the so called updater that you can DL from the site doesnt recognize that program. It was fine until today. Anyone have the solution?

It don’t use dvdinfopro any more.

I got tired of always have to download a newer version, that some time worked other time not.

I use dvd identifier which I don’t have any issues with.


For media testing, you could use CD-DVD Speed (http://www.cdspeed2000.com/) (freeware with no ads, and lets you save the results as .PNG instead of the horrid .JPEG format)

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right on, thanks guys, (sorry code man shoulda put it in the software section) my bad.

Nero CD-DVD Speed that code65536 above mentioned is really a better program than DVDInfoPro. I also suggest it to you. :iagree:

I don’t know what the problem is with DIP but it crashes my PC everytime.

How do you run PI/PO scans in Nero?

[b]@ mattyboy

[/b]Hrrrm - considered an uninstall, then a fresh install of a new version? Your not running 3.49 are you? Free expires monthly,

@ Kenshin

Thankyou for spotting the bug Kenny…

If you would not mind, please reproduce the crash - and post the crashlog here for me to take a look at.

Thanks for this.

Disc Quality Test with CD-DVD Speed (acccess it from the Extra menu item). :slight_smile: