DVDInfo Pro 2.54 doesn't recognize the end of a DVD+R


I just burnt a DVD+R with Nero The total filesize of the files I burnt are 2.62 GB. However, when I open DVDInfo Pro to check the disk for errors, the program quotes the total filesize to be 4.38 GB, ad if ALL the disk was written. When testing for errors, it is flawless until the 2.62 GB limit and then starts giving errors till the end of the disk.

I have burnt other DVD+R in the past using same disk media and same program (Nero), and although they were not burnt to their limit, DVDInfo Pro was able to identify them correctly.

Can someone please tell me why this is happening ?

I have to admit that I formatted my PC yesterday and re-installed WinXP and all programs, however I don’t know how this might cause the problem.

Thanks in advance for any help.

P.S. : I chose No Multisession in Nero and of course the finalize disk was also checked.

What speed did you burn the disc at and what media type did you use? It sounds like you are burning a DVD with data. Some people burning DVD video backups have problems with standalone players reading the discs near the end of the movie. This would be synonymous with your problem of the disc reading fine up until a certain point.

Well, the disk is Taiyo Yuden 4x burnt at 8x using a NEC 2500 with Herrie’s latest firmware. Yes, it was data that was burnt on that CD (4 avi files). However, when loading the disk into the NEC and checking it for errors with DVDInfo Pro, the program reads the filesize correctly (2.62 GB). It’s my Pioneer DVD-Rom drive that gives wrong results in DVDInfo Pro. Although up to now, all previous burnt disks were read correctly with the Pioneer drive (i.e. a disk with 2 GB of data would be identified by DVDInfo Pro as having indeed 2 GB of data, and not 4.38)

Have you burnt this set of files multiple times with similar results? Seeing as how the Pioneer has done well for you in the past, if I hear you correctly, it could be that this particular burn just isn’t being read well by your DVD-ROM.

Also, since you just reinstalled Windows, I would check for stuff like seeing if the same version ASPI is installed as before. I think some programs install a copy themselves, so depending on your order of reinstall, you might have a problem.

Well, I’ll try to burn another compilation of files to see how it goes…