DVDInfo or Nero InfoTool type program for Linux?



Does anyone know of a program that could read the drive capabilities like DVDInfo and Nero InfoTool for Linux?

I just upgraded my 2100AD and would like a way to read the properties of the drive now. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,




DVDInfoPro works under Cedega pretty darn well, or any windows-layer type shell.

K3B, will also suit your task quite well.



I tried Neros’ InfoTool under WINE and it didn’t find any cdrom drives…made sure they were setup right and they were.

I can’t find in K3B where it will read me the capabilities of the drive though. Will keep looking now though, I did give up early since it didn’t seem to be there.

Thanks for the tip.


Check out dvd+rw-tools package… more importantly, the dvd+rw-mediainfo tool :slight_smile: