DVDInfo now supports NEC3500+ PI/PIF testing

Well, seems they beat CD speed to the punch…but I’ve had problems wth reliability in the past…going to be testing this.


Nope, CD Speed with this feature is already out.
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Dee-27, Where do you get it? I’m only seeing CD Speed 3.70 available?

this version will be availabe as soon as NEC releases thei new FW - erik deppe has posted in the past some screeshots and results, etc and told on this board that he has the new version ready to release, but is just waiting for NEC to release their FW first

Why did Dee just say then that it’s already out…?


dowload here

Tried NeroCD Speed 375 to do a Disk Quality test on my Nec 3500 FW (Q2.28 extreme)
and got “Drive does not support this function”
Also tried DVD info Pro 3.53 and its asking for FW 2R8 any one know which firmware is this?

That firmware isn’t available yet.


2.R8 will be needed - only NEC knows when this will be available !

And I guess everyone that already has it is on a strict NDA against leaking it!

Wonder what f/w it asks for with the 3520 so the owners of that drive will know?

Is this firmware also needed with CDSpeed…? Sounds like Dee already had it working…?

*** SWM, 21 Will perform special favors with no attachment in return of new 3520A firmware that enables PIF error testing. Can travel throughout US and Canada. ***

I think this can apply to this post. :rolleyes: :bigsmile:

For one night I can be yours if I can have FW 2R8 4ever. :wink:

Your not nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fella’s. It’s cool. You will have the firmware soon enough. It’s all being taken care of…no big deal. Wouldn’t you much rather go scan-crazy in a LiteOn or BenQ drive?

It means little in the grand scheme of things. Hell, its just firmware. -_-

Its kind of like a kid with a new electronic toy on christmas morning. Mom and dad forgot the batteries. Kid has a room full of electronic toys in his room but this one is new!!! Kid throws a tantrum cause mom won’t go get batteries right away. We knwo it exsist, we want it, it’s a new toy.
Ripit proceeds to jump up and down and throw a tantrum!!! I’m holding my breath till I get firmware!!! (ripit is turning blue and looks like he is going to pass out) :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

ripit’s already passed out but where the hell is 2R8???

Stomp your feet and exhale for ripit. Is he comming around yet?