Dvdif pro scan's?

Do these scans look ok. Do you have to set auto peak to a set #, or leave them on auto peak .thanks. Does the read speed look ok?anoob

It looks like you have an old version of DIP.

Versions up to 4.5 had some serious problems with the totals and averages displayed for LiteOn drives. See this thread at CDRLabs. This seems to be fixed in newer versions- so upgrade yours. If you are using a newer version, get in contact with the authors.

From the shape of the curves (since the numbers are useless), the scans seem OK. The latest recommendation here at CDFreaks is to use 8x scanning speed for LiteOn 5S drives- but that’s mainly time saving. You shouldn’t get significantly different results for 4x and 8x.


Very good results for Ritek +R media, I usually get similar or slightly worse results to your first scan. Elevated PI levels but good PIF levels, which is the primary concern.