DVDIdlePro Vers 5.61

I am Having problems with a conflict between DVDIdlePro and DVDFabPlatinum
These are supposed to be two compatable programs. I had them running quite successfully before I upgraded from DVD Region Free to DVDIdlePro5.61

  • DVDFabPlatinum works fine on it’s own
  • It will not load if DVDIdle is in memory
  • If DVDFab is loaded first & then DVDIdle is loaded, DVDFab will immediately drop out.
  • We have unistalled everything & then re-installed. We have even done this changing the order of installation each time.
    This all functioned ok until we upgraded to DVDIdliePro5.61
    Somewhere there is an incompatability, and we are certain the problem lies with DVDIdle, as it is the only piece of software which has been changed.
    No hardware has been changed.
    Unfortunately we no longer have the earlier version which we upgraded from, so we can’t step backwards
    Myself & several of our staff members (All programmers) have failed to make it work.

First time on this forum, :smiley:
Appreciate any help we can get


Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:
Sounds a little suss to me…have you checked thoroughly for Malware?
Perhaps, too, try a registry clean…maybe there’s a little crap hanging around that’s causing the conflict.
Get a good freeware reg cleaner here: