Dvdidle Pro



Is there going to be an update any time soon?

Have you forgotten this software at all?

I’m a paying user of DVDidle pro and I can’t update to Vista cause I use heavily the program and has compatibility issues with Vista.

Are this compatibility issues with vista going to be adressed?



is there going to be a update to dvdidle pro?


Well, in post #79 of this thread, Fengtao wrote: “For some reasons, the development of DVDIdle products is paused, and for that, we will provide discount for the customers who bought DVDIdle products, to buy DVDFab. It need some time to implement it in our store, please wait for our news.”

Note that he wrote “paused” instead of “stopped”; I think that that gives us some reason to hope that updates and sales for DVDIdle and DVD Region+CSS Free may eventually be resumed. For now, it seems that the paid purchasers will soon be offered a discount in upgrading to DVDFab Gold or Platinum.

Of course, the un-updated products still work just fine, although perhaps not with protection methods new since their last updates[EDIT], and perhaps with MS Windows Vista[/EDIT].

I hope that everyone is reasonably satisfied (at least, not too terribly dissatisfied) with the current situation.



See http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1766255&postcount=79 to get directly to Fengtao’s post.