DvdIdle Pro abandoned?

Hi Everyone,

I ran a couple of searches but couldn’t find anything. Could someone please enlighten me as to the fate of DvdIdle Pro? Has it been officially abandoned?

I bought DVDFab Platinum some time ago, and just upgraded to the latest version earlier today, and it’s a fine program for backing up, no problems there. The thing I loved about DvdIdle Pro was it’s caching function during playback of a movie.

One other thing I was wondering about. I’ve seen a number of posts regarding having DvdIdle Pro and DVD43 installed at the same time. I noticed that when I installed DvdIdle Pro, it actually installed DVD43 itself, any feedback about this?

I hope you’re not all tired of folks asking about DvdIdle Pro, and can come up with just one more answer! :flower:

Thanks, Larry

DVDIdle is dead. Stick with your DVDFab.

[QUOTE=THE C.;1976145]DVDIdle is dead. Stick with your DVDFab.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the reply The C.,

I appreciate it. What about movie caching during playback, has there been any talk of incorporating that feature into DVDFab?