DVDid.xml - where?

Just upgraded to v5, copied a DVD with “Full Disc” and my video_ts etc folders all created no problems as usual.

But no dvdid.xml that I could see?

Where is it saved, is there an option that you need to enable it (couldn’t see one).

Very keen on dvdid.xml for my media centre dvd gallery …

In my (XP) explorer window, set for detail view, it shows up just below the VIDEO_TS folder.

Hmm no definately not there (thought that is where it would be).

Have tried a DVD and an ISO as the source (ripped DVD), no luck with either.

Okay just tried another ISO and another DVD, success with the second DVD.

Maybe it doesn’t work for ISOs at all, and only for some DVDs?

To continue the chat with myself (LOL).

I just did an ISO of the DVD that worked, then tried to extract that to files. No dvdid.xml.

So it seems dvdid.xml files only appear if you rip the original DVD, and not an ISO? I presume there is a good reason for this?