DVDFabPlatinum Copying Backups

:sad: Found DVDFabPlatinum great for copying originals, but I can rarely copy these copies. Anyone else met this?

Found DVDFabPlatinum great for copying originals. Originals now gone, so I’d like to back these up but I can rarely copy these copies. Anyone else met this?

You should be able to copy existing files with just about any burning software. your no. 1 backup is your source or existing files. But, you are not supposed to talk about that here. This forum is strictly about making a single copy of your owned original dvd.

What do you mean by…[B]Originals now gone[/B]…IF they are gone does this mean you made copies of [B]RENTED[/B] or the originals you do not own.
Sounds like you are not aware of forum rules which do not condone illegal copying of rented DVD’s or ones you do not own

And just why would you need to copy copies, assuming that you own a lawful original that is? :confused:

Hi, everyone! Out of curiosity, I’ve gone as far as a copy of a copy of a copy, before stopping.
When I started copying dvd’s, I spent more money on a crap program which claimed to copy a dvd on to a cd, than I did when I bought Fab Platinum.
Anyway, to my way of thinking, DVDfab Platinum is an excellent piece of software, with great support from the boards.
See you all later, then. :smiley:

I have actually had to do this. If you begin with a marginal original (already scratched/damaged) and are able to coax a backup out of it, there is no assurance that you will be able to do so again. In this case I make two backups using the “Burn Again” button (or copy the copy if further damage to the original happens later). Always keep your originals, even if NASA couldn’t make them play again.

What if your lawful original was destroyed by some natural event (fire, flood, pissed off girlfriend) and all you have remaining is a backup of a once lawful original. Do you now have to destroy all backup copies since the original does not exist? :bigsmile:

I have never had a problem making a backup of a backup. I have bought PBS programs that come burnt on Verbatim media and had no problem with them either. I think it only becomes feasible to get them pressed if you do 1000 at a time. So locally produced shows will probably come on burnt media.


You are, of course, quite correct. :clap: Those are the very circumstances where it is permissable to make a copy of a copy. :slight_smile:

And, anyone who has children, pets, AND Murphy’s Law in their back pocket as I seem to have, it does become an essenciale [sp?] commidity for sure. ~ Mike

HERE HERE about [B]Murphy’s Law[/B] :bigsmile: