I just bought dvdfab express online, and i was hoping i could make a back up copy of the program? Anyone know anything about this? Thanks x


A backup from this software?
Shouldn’t be a problem, just burn it on a disc or put the files on a usb stick, memory card etc…


I save all versions. From the dvdidle dl page, just select save…this way you’ll have all versions archived, just in case. As rapid fire suggests, you can “save” them anywhere, hd, disc, stick or save to multiple locations.
BTW, you’ll need to change the file extension to the exact version as you save it…if you do this, you’ll see what I mean. This way you can keep track of precisely what’s archived.


I am sorry but it is the file name, not the extension that should be changed (because the file name contains only the beginning of the version, 29 for the time being).


Ahhhhh…right you are, thanks for the correction. Actually, users that wish to archive properly, are required to modify this somewhat vague and incomplete file name, each and every time a new version is released…something that we’ve asked several times to have “fixed”. Any chance the correct file name could be “saved” on the dl link without having to do it ourselves each time? It’s not a difficult task to perform, but it does get old.


Hi again, yes i tried to burn it onto a dvd but it wont work, i get a ´problem encoutered while trying to copy files´. Anyone give me a step by step to copy onto a dvd from my pc? Sorry i know i sound a bit stupid! Thanks x


If you’ve nero just burn it as a data cd, but it’s a little file for a 700mb disc so i’d put other things too on the disc.


Are you trying to copy to a dvd ? Are you using any particular software or just windows? If using the latter, windows alone won’t work. As rapid fire said, even a cd will provide much more space than you need, but you can continue to archive to the cd. An rw cd comes in handy for this as well, if you have one kicking around. What burning software do you have?


As Maineman said originally, put it on a memory stick, if you do not have one, a wise, cheap investment. After, as new versions are released, would recommend changing the file name to reflect the release version. Although lately the updates have not been so prolific, typically within a short time period you would have enough of these .exe’s to burn to a cd using Nero, Roxio, ect…Obviously even with a 512 memory stick, many of these could be copied there also.