DVDFabExpress/ Unable to Burn the new movie"Hostel"

I have the version of DVDFabExpress and I have had no problem burning any DVD’s until today. the New Movie “Hostel” fresh out of the case. When I go to burn it, in the source box of DVDFabExpress it reads “Hostel_UR_NTSC_NA”. After what I thought was good burn. Everything shows up on the blank disc except the actual movie. Could someone please tell me what I can do to burn this movie.

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other people have had the same problem


you will just have to wait for the next anydvd update

I created a bkup of Hostel about 3 days ago, express - main movie, v., absolutely no problems. As you’re probably aware, express in complete disc mode has issues with certain new releases. Occasionally, the copy protection gives rise to disc structure problems such as poor or failed navigation (disc menu as well as from the player remote), continuous looping and expansion of certain sectors…in general lots of funky stuff.

This is not reproduced with movie only mode or non-compressed complete disc (DL).