DVDFABEXPRESS-Registration problems

Hi everyone,I’m new at this so be gentle. I’ve bought dvdfab from dvd95copy they sent me purchase ID which i install in dvdfab registration window.then i get “thank you for registering now restart dvdfab to enable your registered version” When i re-click dvdfab icon i get register window again i’ve tried re-installing restarting my computer even copy/paste from my email and re-downloading from link in my email nothing working all i get is the registration window. quite the piss off when you pay for something and it dont work. Oh yeah i also removed interactualvideo i read that this can also cause a problem , still no change…HELP PLEASE!!! Shaun&Angus

I hope you have a way to do a charge back because DVD95copy is an enemy of fengtao. Only buy from dvdidle using Element 5 as the method of paying and receiving legit keys. Ask yourself, why would a person who writes a competitive product sell another copy program. I say their ad on a free sw site and if I remember right they were offering fengtao’s products for about half price and use Storm Pay as fund processor. I would contact Storm Pay and ask for refund and tell them you are contacting your credit card company and they will probably give you a refund quickly because ever charge back cost them money and too many charge backs will increase the amount credit card companies charge them for processing fees. It is a scam to take advantage of fengtao’s full working version 30 day trial. They give you the dvdidle site to download from. Just for fun check out how their trial works, limited version. I hate you got caught in this scam and will help you when trying to get a refund. Threaten to make a report to IFC3 unless funds are returned and deal with Storm Pay or whatever processor they are using when you paid. Good luck, PM me for url to IFC3 which is agency that deals with internet fraud.


i had the same prob what you do is hit the close button in th right hand corner after you past the key. but you have to have the key not the purchuse id you can go to dvdfab and get it from them via email. sometimes you have to leave out the* on the code to get it to work properly. ps i had fun with this one myself it took 2 days of research to figure it out