Dvdfabcrypter then used dvd shrink and burn the movie ..but it will not play



i burn a movie using dvdfabcrypter then used dvd shrink and burn the movie …but it will not play in the dvd player…please help


What type of disc are you using dvd+r or dvd-r? What model dvd burner are you using? What model dvd player do you have? Give as much info as possible.


memorex dvd-r,xbox is my dvd player…memorex double layer dvd burner


Is it really Memorex DVD-R or maybe DVD-R DL?


Dvd-r Dl


what do i need to do to fix this problem


for starters…it looks like your doing a Dual Layer copy…if so…first…don’t use that memorex media you have…i would get some verbatim 2.4 dvd+r dl…next…use dvd decrypter to rip your file(disc) as an image then burn it w/ dvd decrypter as an image and you should be fine…dvd-r dl are not that reliable…never use anything but dvd decryptrer or imgburn to do dual layer…period


DVD Decrypter hasn’t been updated in a while now and can’t support modern copy protections. If you get problems with reading the DVD try using AnyDVD from SlySoft (there’s a time limited trial version on their website that’ll do the job just fine) to circumvent the copy protection then create the iso image using Decrypter


Riipit4me can be used in conjunction w/ dvd decrypter to to do the same as anydvd…and it’s free…:slight_smile:


Imgburn will do DVD-R DL fine, but I have only tested with Verbatim -R DL 4x (@6x) so far and wouldn’t test with others.

Memorex -R DL… mh, what MID/mediacode coudl they have???



i done this and tried using dvd shrink and it say not enough memory…what do i do next…please help me




I had the same memory problem with Shrink till I installed extra 250mb memory.
Works fine now .