DVDFAB9 Loss of compression

I’m curious about “after” the trial version has expired, in that I am no longer able to fit a standard movie ( example : Superman ; Man of Steel) onto a standard format DVD R+ disc using ImgBurn as my burning program. DVDFAB 9 has no problem doing its job, it’s the final step that I am having trouble with.

Now with the trial over I am no longer able to use ImgBurn as my File size is " To large". Is there a step I’m missing here ? Again when I had the trial version everything worked fine.

I hope I have this question in the correct area, if not please put it where it is supposed to go. but I am in a true quandary regarding this problem.

I could just tell you to search as this has been answered many times.
After the trial DVDFab only rips to DVD9. The size will be too large for a single layer DVD like a DVD R.
About 4.36GB is the max a SL will hold.
When you had the trial DVDFab was compressing to DVD5.
You need a software that does the compression.
DVDShrink , AVStoDVD, or DVDRebuilder.
There are others but those are available as freeware .
Which one you choose depends on what you want.
DVDShrink will only do movie only with no menu.
AVStoDVD won’t use the original menu but can create its’ own menu.
DVDRebuilder will compress with the original menu.

Thank you for the response. I did try to searching first, I may have just been inputting the incorrect phrase for what I was after. DVDShrink, for some reason my systems antivirus software will not allow the program to download from the actual site. I will however try the others that you suggested.

You will still need to do the rip to your harddrive with DVDFab to decrypt the copy protection.
DVDShrink can remove some copy protection but usually older DVDs. I have read that it can work on even some new ones. It depends on the copy protection.
DVDFab after trial won’t have this problem but there is about a 60 day delay for updates for the trial version. Obviously this is to get you to buy DVDFab.
Then compress the decrypted rip with one of the other programs.
I will see if I can give you a link for DVDShrink.
I’ve been using the installer I’ve had for a long time for any reinstall.
Since updates stopped years ago there is no need for me to get another version.
I will see if a download triggers my antivirus (Avast) but I doubt that it will.

This is the download usually recommended here. It has ImgBurn with it instead of DVDDecrypter. It has been downloaded by many members & I’ve never heard of a problem.