DVDFab6 File to Mobile mp4 to avi video corrupted?

Hello Forum Members:

I’m new to the forum and have been using DVDFab for sometime.

I just recently updated to the new DVDFab 6 with the options of DVD to DVD, DVD to mobile and the new File to Mobile.

Problem encountered: When I convert an mp4 to any type of .avi format (generic) the video file cannot be read for mediainfo, played and it behaves as if it is corrupted.

It also starts my explorer.exe? I’ve repeated this particular scenario several times and everytime I click on the file it trys to open explorer.exe. My task manager shows that it is using 50-75% CPU in trying to open explorer.exe? Then the file/folder closes.

I’ve had to remove the converted videos because my system was affected by them. I don’t know if this is a bug or what? My computer is clean and up-to-date. No problems.

I removed DVDFab 5 and 6 and re-installed DVDFab6 and options. Still the problems exists. I have not done a complete clean install of the product.

Hope there is a solution because I can’t use the File to Mobile Option at all.

Miss Sherlock

Rather than double clicking them, can you open them up in your media player (for example, if you use Windows Media Player can you drag the file into it and have it play)? If this works you’ll need to check your associations for AVI files - no idea why it would get set to Explorer.

If this doesn’t fix things, what profile are you using to convert to an AVI? If it’s generic (like you seem to have mentioned), what are the other settings you’re using? Can you try a non-generic like a PVP conversion? I can give it a quick try and see if I have any similar issues.

Hi jdbower:

The actual conversion process takes place smoothly with no errors.

It is when it is sitting in the “generic” folder for DVDFab that problems arise.

I can’t do anything with the file or the folder. It behaves erratic, can’t read the video file nothing. I even had a hard time removing it from my system.

All the converted files appear or behave as if they are corrupt. As I mentioned the other odd thing is that as soon as I go near this folder or files in it, the explorer.exe starting running???

Have no clue, don’t know. I’ve sent a report into DVDFab Tech Support. I hope they can figure it out.


Miss Sherlock

As you’re entering the directory Explorer starts acting a little flaky? That seems like it could be a filesystem issue. If you have any system tools like Norton Utilities or System Mechanic you can try running a hard drive scan. If not, you open up “My Computer”, right click on the drive where DVDFab is writing the files and select Properties, then under the Tools tab you can click “Check Now”.

Another option is to click on Start and then Run and enter “cmd”. Now enter the command “chkdsk /R c:” (or d: or wherever DVDFab puts the files). Either of these will check to see if there are errors on your hard drive and try to correct them. Of course if I’m wrong it won’t do anything but make you feel like you’re doing something productive until it’s morning in China :slight_smile:

Hi jdbower and Members:

Thanks for the tip but I don’t think it is the hard drive.

[B][U]F.Y.I. and Short Version [/U][/B]

I had several major corruption errors when trying to convert using the [B]File to Mobile[/B] option with the [B]Generic and Zune formats[/B].

I used several small video files under 8 minutes (cartoons) that are in mp4, avi and wmv formats and tried to convert to either .avi xvid or wmv (Zune) format.

Example: mp4 to generic, wmv to generic, mp4 to Zune, avi to Zune.

Sadly they all failed. I could not access these files at all. I had to remove the entire “Generic” folder from my system.

[li]The avi to Zune (wmv) crashed and gave a corruption/error message (Error Signature) and closed down DVDFab.
[li]I proceeded to do a complete clean install of DVD Fab 6 and ConvertX to DVD because it also uses the same pcouffin software. Wiped everything off my system completely to do with both these softwares.
[li]I downloaded the software for DVDFab 6 and it was corrupted. I then went back to my e-mail and used that download and it appeared to install without incidence.
[li]I tried again but more crashes and errors.
[li]DVDFab converted the file but when I tried to access the files they were corrupted. Could not view media information (blank), could not hover over top of them with my mouse because it set off explorer.exe running at 50 to 70%.
[li]Had to call Microsoft – explorer.exe was corrupted by the program. Had to remove all of the errors and corruptions from the registry. System seems to be running more smoothly.
[li]After cleaning up the registry.
[li]I went back again and tried to convert two files: wmv to generic xvid and it crashed (FabCore and codec error reports); and,
[li]the avi to Zune took about 17 minutes to convert but kept running 97.8% and wouldn’t stop. Had to manually stop the program.
[li]However, the program continued to run in the background (DVDFabCore) at 50% CPU and wouldn’t stop. Had to reboot my computer in order to stop it from running.
[li]Also, received the Microsoft error reporting messages for DVDFabCore and codecs dll problems when the DVDFab failed to convert.

[B][U]I’ve now stopped using that portion of the program and will have to check to see if other parts are affected too.[/U][/B]

DVDFab Technical Support have all my e-mails concerning the problem. I do hope they find a solution to this serious “bug” or “corruption”.

DVDFab 5 was running fine. All my problems started with the new version of DVDFab6 and the additional options of File to Mobile. So something is definitely wrong.

In the meantime, I hope it hasn’t destroyed my Registry because I will then have to do a complete clean install of my entire computer.

Not a happy camper!:confused::frowning:

I can’t duplicate this problem. I took an mpg file, converted it to Generic (xvid+MP3)AVI, then converted that AVI file to Zune and iPod (WMV and M4V) with no problems. As the others have suggested, it may be system related.

Hi signals:

Truly appreciate your expertise signals. It is rather odd because I’ve never had problems with DVDFab?

My systems is fine. I just did a clean install about a month ago because of Media Center 2005 sonicencoders.

I don’t really see a conflict with anything on my system either?

So far it appears that the DVDFabCore, codecs and explorer.exe are involved. How and why I’m not too sure?

I’ve been in touch with Tech Support at DVDFab and I believe they are trying to figure it out as well.

Any suggestions of other things I might look for as far as my system is concerned.

Many thanks for the help,


I have check your report, it is very strange, I am not sure what problem it is, could you try DVDFab “File to mobile” in another PC by using the same source ?


Miss Sherlock
There is the expert response! Ting wrote all the code for File to Mobile and will be able to help you solve this. If I think of anything else I’ll post it here. Very puzzling behaviour.

Hi Ting and signals:

Unfortunately Ting I have no other computer to use it on.

I’ve done a clean install of the original download of DVDFab 6 and also the old version of DVDFab5. Everything is out of the Registry, etc.

Working with a clean slate I then used the link provide in the e-mail from DVDFab.

Still the same problems but at least this time I received the error messages.

Since it is already on my system and I’d be more than willing to work with you to find what is causing the problems such as a conflict(s), corruption(s) or system errors.

Sunny has my e-mail address if you’d like to use it.

If you could provide me with a list of checks you would like me to perform on DVDFab 6 or my system, I’d be more than happy to do so.

Many thanks Ting and signals for your help,


Hi Ting:

These are recent photoshots for DVD File to Mobile. Conversion of a small video file of wmv to generic (avi - dvid):

I’m by no means an expert but usually when I’ve seen these types of codec errors it is usually the programme and not the system.

Hope this helps,

Miss Sherlock
Does [B]DVD[/B] to Mobile run correctly on this PC?

Good Morning signals:

Unfortunately, I only have the one computer.

The programme opens fine, it uploads the small videos fine. However, it is when it it processes or converting the video that I receive the error message(s) regarding “codecs” regardless of format choice.

It appears to be DVDFabCore and the “codecs” files that are involved do far.

I’ve asked DVDFab to send me a copy of the software via e-mail and not from the web just in case there is some sort of major corruption.

I can try that and see what happens. I will first remove everything to do with DVDFab again (clean install).

I understand that you have only one computer, which is fine. My question was whether the [B]DVD to Mobile [/B]mode worked to convert DVDs to mobile files. You are currently using [B]File to Mobile[/B] to convert files. Please try the DVD to Mobile mode and tell us if that works and produces playable files.

Hi signals:

Sorry I misread your message earlier.

I’ve just tried it now with the option of DVD to Mobile. Two hour movie converted to generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy.

No errors but it took about one hour and half to complete. Normally it is faster than that with DVDFab 5.

Also, the video plays find within my Windows Media Player 11, however, the audio is not playing?

What is the audio codec used for this generic avi.xvid. I have an ac3 filter installed?

I will try another DVD tonight using the Zune conversion and also DVD to DVD portion as well.

Many thanks,

Miss Sherlock

My curiosity about the DVD to Mobile was because it uses many of the same modules and codecs as File to Mobile. I think it would be useful for Ting to know how this worked, it might give him a troubleshooting clue. All detectives need them. The conversion speed is below what I would have expected. The “audiocopy” option just strips the audio from the DVD without re-encoding to AAC or MP3. You can download and install ffdshow (just google it) to help WMP deal with this or try the free VLC media player, which many of us use (including Ting at one time, maybe still). The Zune conversion will be much slower than the one you tried. For test purposes, convert only a chapter or two to see if it works, no need to do the entire movie unless you want to.

If you know some of the general specs of your PC (CPU, Memory etc.) it might help to post them as well. Ting may have other questions.

You also may want to scan your computer for malware. This program is free and is very good: http://www.malwarebytes.org/


Hi IrishPrince:

Nothing on my system. Just did a clean install about a month ago.

It appears that it is only the new programme: File to Mobile. All the codec seems jumbled?

Don’t know for sure until Ting takes a look at it.

Signals, I downloaded the most recent version of ffdshow and installed it. It fixed the problem.

Thanks for trying,

Miss Sherlock

Glad that worked. I still do not understand the strange behaviour and crashes; maybe Ting will find something. Good luck.

Hi All:


Well I’ve been waiting for an answer, suggestions or directions to my postings and e-mails, it appears that DVDFab wasn’t going to be contacting me anytime soon.

I sent an e-mail the other day and the response was that there is nothing to fix because no one else has had this problem. Well, it would have been nice or polite if someone had gotten back to me.

I gather Tech Support is suppose to provide help for one or many problems. Not just drop the issue even though others may not have this problem.

I have followed all of the major protocols (on my own) in doing a complete clean install of the product twice and re-installing the product more than 3 or 4 times (lost track) and still DVDFab File to Mobile doesn’t work.

There is nothing new on my computer. I’ve checked my virus/firewall to see that might be affecting. I’ve check all my other programmes as well based on the fact that DVDFab5 ran fine on my system without conflicts.

I’ve paid for a product that doesn’t work. No suggestions at all have come from DVDFab. Dead silence!

The problems started the day I purchased on May 19th. I was told it would be dealt with in the forum, then I was told Tech Support would look in to it June 2nd. It is now June 24th.

Today, after several e-mails, I’ve been told to try the Beta Version. Not much difference between the beta and the regular but I’ll try it.

I’m really really disappointed and upset that I’ve been left out in the cold by Tech Support.


Miss Sherlock

P.S. Does anyone have a couple of small files to convert using the File to Mobile (option Generic). I’ve run out of files to use. I figured if it has worked in your version of DVDFab6 should therefore work on mine.